Our Principals

We are extremely proud to say that all of our companies have unique capabilities and are leading specialist within their fields, which allows SAMCO to deliver the best possible solutions.


TCO is a provider of products and services to the global oilfield services industry. The company serves the upstream oil and natural gas market throughout the reservoir life cycle and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of :

  • Completion Barrier Plugs (laminated glass barrier plugs)
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Multi Cycle Valves
  • Annulus Pressure Relief Systems
  • Provision of Tubing-Conveyed Perforating (TCP) equipment and services

TCO’s portfolio consists of products and services that improve customers’ performance, reduce operational risk, increase well productivity and maintain cost efficiency.

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Peak Well Systems

Peak Well Systems is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced downhole tools for well intervention. We provide both operators and service companies around the world with an extensive range of innovative downhole products, expert field deployment and aftermath support. Our aim is to reduce well operating costs and improve well performance for our customers.

Our product portfolio comprises of flow control systems, which are fast becoming the products of choice around the world. Including Heavy Duty fishing systems and premium well intervention tools for remedial well maintenance by slickline.

Peak Well Systems designs and manufactures advanced downhole tools that extend well life, restore well integrity and enhance well performance. Our success during the past 10 years makes us a specialist provider of choice for operators and service companies around the world today.

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Sandaband Well Plugging AS

Sandaband is a unique non-consolidating, non-segregating, non-shrinking and non-fracturing well plugging material. The combination of individual high-strength quartz particles with bingham-plastic properties makes Sandaband an ideal well barrier, suitable for any downhole conditions, including HPHT, CO2 and H2S.

Creating a permanent robust barrier against over-pressurised formations has always been a challenge in the petroleum industry. Temperature fluctuations, chemical degradation, subsidence, compaction, faults or minor quakes can easily stress a brittle sealing material beyond its strength, eventually permitting gas or fluid flow to adjacent zones or to the surface.

Our company, Sandaband Well Plugging AS, is the exclusive provider of the material globally, and delivers a complete solution including all necessary equipment and personnel for planning, logistics and execution of Sandaband well plugging services.

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Reactive Downhole Tools

RDT has installed over 24,000 high performance swellable packers, and by building on our past success and continually and strategically investing in our facilities and infrastructure, we’ve evolved to offer bespoke open, or cased hole completion systems.  Our dedication to providing our global customer base with quick turnaround solutions extends across the entire wellbore.

Reactive can provide bespoke, fit for purpose solutions and rapidly convert concept to completion. Selecting equipment from a catalogue isn’t the answer for achieving optimum performance. That’s why we don’t compromise: we’ll design, deliver and implement the right solution in the right time.

We’re Reactive by Nature.

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Scanwell oil & gas services LLC

ScanWell provides equipment and services for reservoir, wellhead and process monitoring. Our range of services covers Acoustic Logging, Wireless Data Acquisition and Sampling/Analysis. We have a highly educated staff with extensive experience from multiple operations in the North Sea.

The main services ScanWell provides are:

  • Measure gas volumes contained in tubing or annuli
  • Monitor reservoir flowing/shut-in pressure
  • Monitor gas field depletion
  • Maintain fluid control while setting or pulling completion
  • Verify if SCSSV is partly/fully opened or closed
  • Surface Data Acquisition for well intervention and workover
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Rubberatkins is a privately owned Aberdeen based company and has provided rubber moulding excellence since 1988. Our strengths lie in our innovative approach to the design of Rubber Compounds to suit individual downhole applications as well as our engineering skills in developing novel, high performance patented products which allow operators to perform tasks at pressures and in environments that were not previously possible. Our customer base ranges from top tier oil and gas service companies to those involved at the forefront of space exploration.

R&D and Production are based at our Headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland and Rubberatkins provides full product development from:

  • Component design
  • Selection and development of the correct rubber compound for the application
  • Manufacture of rubber and rubber to metal components
  • Full Product testing

Rubberatkins has its own product lines of HP cups, packing elements and wiper darts as well as manufacturing a diverse range of custom products. We produce prototypes and one-offs, short runs for special applications, high volume production while providing urgent fast turnaround capability when required.

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HydraWell Intervention

HydraWell Intervention delivers a unique method placing cement behind casing without section milling. The method is used to reestablish well integrity in producing wells as well as installing cross sectional P&A plugs in wells to be abandoned. The interval is perforated, washed and cemented in one trip or two trip operation and can be installed in less than two days.

HydraWell Intervention has installed close to 180 plugs for major operators in the North Sea (Norway, Denmark and UK), USA (GOM and North Slope) and Middle East.

Plugs have been installed in the following casing sizes:

7”, 8-5/8”,9-5/8”,9-7/8”,10-3/4”,11-3/4”,13-3/8” Other sizes are available upon request.

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Coretrax provides specialist wellbore clean-up and wellbore abandonment services. By thinking innovatively and applying cutting edge technology we ensure a seamless transition from drilling to completion and production to abandonment.

Established in 2008 with new, purpose-built headquarters in Aberdeen, Coretrax is now a thriving and well respected international business with offices opened in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Kurdistan. With operations in UK, Africa, Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East, Coretrax has built up a comprehensive track record with many years of proven field experience and specialist knowledge.

From the first client consultation to the execution of the job, our primary objective is to perform our services meeting our customers’ requirements in a safe and cost effective manner- never compromising safety of quality standards.

Our mission is always to place our customers in the best position to move forward. We always look at the big picture, answer all your questions and seamlessly combine the following into every job design:

  • An understanding of the well plan and well conditions
  • Integration of the mechanical, hydraulic, and chemical parameters
  • Collaboration with other service providers, including drilling, cementing, fluids and other partners
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Task Fronterra Geoscience

Task Fonterra is the largest independent geoscience Consultancy specialized in structural and sedimentological analysis of borehole image and core data, including image data processing and geomechanical analyses.

Headquartered in Aberdeen and with a global footprint of 6 offices across North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific; the company benefits from the knowledge of a large group of experienced geoscientists. Task Fonterra’s independence and specialized expertise ensure the highest quality standards and customized answers to the client specific needs, whether it concerns fractured carbonates, clastics, tight formations, basement or unconventional shale plays, EOR.

Detailed analysis of borehole images and core data, integrated with other geological, geophysical and geomechanical interpretations, improves the understanding of reservoirs. In particular, it challenges conceptual methods and provides dimensions and parameters for static models with respect to Resources & Reserves, and maximizes the Net Present Value through increased Production and reduced OPEX/CAPEX spend.

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Rena Technology

Providing sustainable and cost effective environmental solutions within waste water treatment and drilling waste management.

Rena Technology has adapted to the most stringent regulations in the world with respect to disposal of oily wastewater. Our series of products will help our clients to both reduce the amount of waste generated and maximize the amount clean water that can be discharged at sight. All our products have been designed to minimize footprint, weight requirements and are all fully automated to reduce manual labor.

Our solutions can be supplied in containerized or standalone versions for integration. Temporary equipment is delivered according to NORSOK Z-015 and approved for ATEX II/3G. – Can also be delivered insulated for harsh arctic environments.

Products & Services:

  • Rena Pure SW (Slop Water)
  • Rena Pure PW (Produced Water)
  • Rena Clean A
  • Rena Clean B
  • Spares and Consumables relevant to the equipment
  • Other relevant technologies from Rena Technology
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Marine Aluminium

Marine Aluminum AS is an internationally recognized supplier of innovative and sustainable access solutions. Since 1953, Marine Aluminum has been designing, manufacturing and supplying in aluminum to satisfied offshore, marine and onshore clients.

Our products include :

  • Telescopic gangways
  • Helidecks
  • Handrail & Walkway system
  • FlexiBarrier
  • Stair Towers
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Modules
  • Friction Stir Welded Panels
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Exceed specializes in delivering well project management and performance improvement solutions for the upstream Oil & Gas industry. Established in 2005, we operate globally, supporting client project across the well lifecycle. We bring only the best people to our project, resulting in a consistent track record for delivering result. Our specialist project teams are at the forefront of operations in a variety of diverse environments globally. Their experience spans more than 20 countries on 5 continents, including a number of world-first achievements.

Over the past 10 years, we have successfully partnered with clients to develop innovative, locally relevant solutions that address specific client needs. We are committed to investing locally and building sustainable local capability. Exceed competency programmes provide you with the opportunity to train your own employees, which contribute toward a sustainable internal capability.

Core Competencies

  • Well Project Management
  • Well Abandonment
  • Production Technology
  • Performance Improvement
  • Ivision Technology
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New England Research

New England Research is recognized worldwide as a leading provider of laboratory measurements, equipment, and consulting services for rock properties characterization.

Our company manufactures both routine and custom laboratory equipment for rock testing at in situ conditions. We offer a wide range of rock properties measurement services, unique data analysis, and interpretive consulting. NER consults with industry clients on application of experimental data on rocks to develop physically based petrophysical, geomechanical, and reservoir engineering models.

Our facilities include eleven AutoLab servo-hydraulic test stations and a fully loaded AutoScan. All of the major systems are computer-controlled for maximum flexibility in test protocols. Each high-pressure system has independent, fully programmable servo-controllers for axial force, confining pressure, and pore pressure.

The AutoLab and AutoScan equipment designed and used at NER is also commercially available. These units include hardware, electronics, software control, and analysis packages. More recently NER has expanded to provide our clients with on-site geotechnical monitoring services. In addition to our wide range of rock properties measurement services and laboratory equipment, we offer hardware and software support, as well as data analysis and consulting services.

NER’s systems are the result of years of experience making rock properties measurements at reservoir conditions. The latest improvements in technique, analysis software, and hardware are incorporated into the design of each unit. Since each product we offer is manufactured and used at NER, qualified technical support is constantly available. rock

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Silverwell is a provider of innovative gas lift solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry.

We are committed to delivering increased productivity, operational efficiency and provide reservoir insights to meet the challenging times the industry faces today and in the future. Our sought after gas lift technologies offer a step change in production optimization that is unachievable with any other technology in use today.

Our aim is to work with the industry and our customers to pioneer new technology and challenge current practices.

Silverwell is raising industry standards by revolutionizing gas lift technology and engineering the smart field of the future.

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Xait (pronounced ‘excite’) is a software development company, specializing in Web-based database solutions. The company provides its customers with software for document publishing and collaboration. Its flagship product, XaitPorter, is used by some of the world largest companies to produce their business critical documents such as bids & proposals, reports, manuals, procedures, governing documents, annual reports, ship design specifications and license round applications.

Our customers say that XaitPorter gives higher quality documents, complete control throughout the process, and substantial time savings. Key benefits includes increased efficiency, reduced cost, increased quality, regulatory compliance, accountability and transparency by introducing a managed collaborative authoring process.

In Norway, the majority of all Oil operators use XaitPorter for writing their drilling license applications. In addition the system is used by 4 of the 6 largest Oil Service companies in the world for all their tenders and reporting.

XaitPorter has also spread into other verticals like healthcare, pharmaceutical, facilities management, financial, IT/Telecommunications, legal & many more, as our solution is not industry or document specific, and the benefits are universal.

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PDC Systems Limited

Established in 1993, one of the leading providers and specialists in ATEX and IECEx Hazardous Area Electrical Systems, Control Panels, Low Voltage Systems, Complete Cabin Solutions as well as Control and Automation Products for the Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining and Maritime Industries on the worldwide stage. The Original Design and Manufacture of Combined Pressurisation Fire & Gas Control Panels (CPFG®), manufactured to meet clients project specific requirements. Our philosophy also encourages the advice and input of other professional advisors.

Hazardous Control Specialists

PDC Systems has for many years been closely involved with the petrochemical industry both in the UK and Overseas. Being familiar with the problems associated with offshore and onshore hazardous areas. PDC Systems can provide authoritative technical and design facilities, complemented with “hands on” assistance throughout all phases of a project.

Project Management

In addition, our Project Management allows Clients without their own in-house specialist engineering departments, the facility to undertake complex Electrical and Instrumentation Systems, thereby reducing their cost of ownership for a project.

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Terves Inc.

Terves believes in challenging the status quo of materials by making them do more, and doing it without compromise. Terves’ core capabilities enable the nano-engineering (engineering at the atomic level) of these materials, thereby controlling their response to external stimuli, independent of mechanical properties. Terves’ success is based on over 20 years of materials science research- creating new technologies from the atomic level, and designing functionality into them to create fully optimized material systems.

Terves has a range of proprietary, proven technologies that are utilized in creating systems for the Oil and Gas industry that, through engineered response, dramatically change the processes and systems in the down-hole environment. This response may include part disintegration for ease of well-bore clean-up, generation of heat, releasing of tracer or signal expansion, or a change in structure. Triggers for stimuli can include time, temperature, salinity, pH, and chemical triggers.

Terves’ various technologies on one front can provide dramatic oil field efficiencies, while on another can offer the opportunity for even greater production yields. In both scenarios Terves’ Engineered Response is changing the future of the oil and gas industry  today.

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Enhydra is an oil industry process company specializing in the fields of produced water treatment and water injection systems. Our core business is the supply of process engineering and internals for all technologies of produced water systems, water injection systems and sand management systems.

Enhydra’s services include system studies and reports, site surveys and equipment pilot trails. Enhydra’s engineers have worked in the fields of produced water and water injection systems for over 30 years, continuously involved in every aspect of the core technology from R&D, detailed design, equipment manufacture through to commissioning and operation.

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