Our Partners

We are extremely proud to say that all of our companies have unique capabilities and are leading specialist within their fields, which allows SAMCO to deliver the best possible solutions.


TCO is a provider of products and services to the global oilfield services industry. The company serves the upstream oil and natural gas market throughout the reservoir life cycle and specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of :

  • Completion Barrier Plugs (laminated glass barrier plugs)
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Multi Cycle Valves
  • Annulus Pressure Relief Systems
  • Provision of Tubing-Conveyed Perforating (TCP) equipment and services

TCO’s portfolio consists of products and services that improve customers’ performance, reduce operational risk, increase well productivity and maintain cost efficiency.

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Peak Well Systems

Peak Well Systems is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced downhole tools for well intervention. We provide both operators and service companies around the world with an extensive range of innovative downhole products, expert field deployment and aftermath support. Our aim is to reduce well operating costs and improve well performance for our customers.

Our product portfolio comprises of flow control systems, which are fast becoming the products of choice around the world. Including Heavy Duty fishing systems and premium well intervention tools for remedial well maintenance by slickline.

Peak Well Systems designs and manufactures advanced downhole tools that extend well life, restore well integrity and enhance well performance. Our success during the past 10 years makes us a specialist provider of choice for operators and service companies around the world today.

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Reactive Downhole Tools

RDT has installed over 24,000 high performance swellable packers, and by building on our past success and continually and strategically investing in our facilities and infrastructure, we’ve evolved to offer bespoke open, or cased hole completion systems.  Our dedication to providing our global customer base with quick turnaround solutions extends across the entire wellbore.

Reactive can provide bespoke, fit for purpose solutions and rapidly convert concept to completion. Selecting equipment from a catalogue isn’t the answer for achieving optimum performance. That’s why we don’t compromise: we’ll design, deliver and implement the right solution in the right time.

We’re Reactive by Nature.

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Scanwell oil & gas services LLC

ScanWell provides equipment and services for reservoir, wellhead and process monitoring. Our range of services covers Acoustic Logging, Wireless Data Acquisition and Sampling/Analysis. We have a highly educated staff with extensive experience from multiple operations in the North Sea.

The main services ScanWell provides are:

  • Measure gas volumes contained in tubing or annuli
  • Monitor reservoir flowing/shut-in pressure
  • Monitor gas field depletion
  • Maintain fluid control while setting or pulling completion
  • Verify if SCSSV is partly/fully opened or closed
  • Surface Data Acquisition for well intervention and workover
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HydraWell Intervention

HydraWell Intervention delivers a unique method placing cement behind casing without section milling. The method is used to reestablish well integrity in producing wells as well as installing cross sectional P&A plugs in wells to be abandoned. The interval is perforated, washed and cemented in one trip or two trip operation and can be installed in less than two days.

HydraWell Intervention has installed close to 180 plugs for major operators in the North Sea (Norway, Denmark and UK), USA (GOM and North Slope) and Middle East.

Plugs have been installed in the following casing sizes:

7”, 8-5/8”,9-5/8”,9-7/8”,10-3/4”,11-3/4”,13-3/8” Other sizes are available upon request.

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Magnetic Variation Services LLC (MagVAR) is a reputable organization in the oil field contractors and services industry. It is an innovative company located in Westminster, CO and has been operating since 2010. The company is categorized under Testing, Measuring, Surveying, and Analysis Services industry within the Oil and Gas Extraction sector. More importantly, MagVAR specializes in the processing of airborne, marine, ground and downhole magnetic field measurements to produce accurate In-Field Referencing (IFR) models and software for directional drilling. Additional services are offered for Multi-Station Analysis including Real Time Survey Management, Anti-Collision, Survey Management Education Courses and Disturbance Field Monitoring. We are the solution for Confidence in Wellbore Placement®.
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Belltree is an Edinburgh-based upstream oil and gas consultancy with more than 10 years of experience supporting clients worldwide.

Key Strengths:
• Worldwide experience
• Fully integrated upstream technical service, including recognised expertise in Benchmarking studies and Mature Field Rehabilitation via the Locate-the-Remaining-Oil (LTRO) method
• Competent Person’s Reporting (CPR) and Reserve Audit capabilities

Belltree are specialists in benchmarking the performance of oil and gas fields. We have developed our unique skills into the industry’s first commercially available dedicated field benchmarking software, bMark™ offering:
• Data for >34,000 fields & major reservoirs worldwide, including detailed production histories for >2,500 fields
• Unique predictive benchmarks allowing rapid predictions (such as ultimate recovery) to be made for fields based on trends from hundreds of peer group fields
• A robust, easy-to-use software platform that allows data to be shared between team members seamlessly

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Silverwell is a provider of innovative gas lift solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry.

We are committed to delivering increased productivity, operational efficiency and provide reservoir insights to meet the challenging times the industry faces today and in the future. Our sought after gas lift technologies offer a step change in production optimization that is unachievable with any other technology in use today.

Our aim is to work with the industry and our customers to pioneer new technology and challenge current practices.

Silverwell is raising industry standards by revolutionizing gas lift technology and engineering the smart field of the future.

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Terves Inc.

Terves believes in challenging the status quo of materials by making them do more, and doing it without compromise. Terves’ core capabilities enable the nano-engineering (engineering at the atomic level) of these materials, thereby controlling their response to external stimuli, independent of mechanical properties. Terves’ success is based on over 20 years of materials science research- creating new technologies from the atomic level, and designing functionality into them to create fully optimized material systems.

Terves has a range of proprietary, proven technologies that are utilized in creating systems for the Oil and Gas industry that, through engineered response, dramatically change the processes and systems in the down-hole environment. This response may include part disintegration for ease of well-bore clean-up, generation of heat, releasing of tracer or signal expansion, or a change in structure. Triggers for stimuli can include time, temperature, salinity, pH, and chemical triggers.

Terves’ various technologies on one front can provide dramatic oil field efficiencies, while on another can offer the opportunity for even greater production yields. In both scenarios Terves’ Engineered Response is changing the future of the oil and gas industry  today.

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Ace Oil Tools

A Norwegian Oil & Gas company founded in 2012. Ace Oil Tools is an innovative global technology provider of downhole components which lock securely onto any tubular with an unrivalled holding force and slim design.

Our team has a wide and extensive background from the Oil & Gas industry. We share a common interest in Innovation and Technology. Since the inception of Ace Oil Tools, we have developed a range of innovative products and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

The company aims to develop and produce new and innovative products based on the patented lock which, due to its unique holding force and strength, more than doubles the holding power compared to competing products. Ace Oil Tools has five unique products on the market; Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), Ace Tracer Carrier (ATC), Ace Drilling Centralizer (ADC), Ace Fixed Centralizer (AFC) and CentrAce.

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Rogii Inc.

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ROGII is Houston based IT and service company that develops STARSTEER geosteering software and provides 24/7 geosteering services and consultancy. StarSteer is a new generation independent desktop application that can take historic and real time data from any provider and perform a pre-job well planning, real-time geosteering of the horizontal wells and post-geosteering of the previously drilled wells. StarSteer is a unique geosteering software that allows to integrate in real-time (WITSML) large amount of various data, such as historic wells, surface logging data, mudlogs, gas data, XRD/XRF data, MWD/LWD logs, wireline logs, azimuthal image logs, seismic cross-sections, structure maps, grids, etc… for the benefit of precise well placement.

ROGII’s philosophy is massive data integration, operational efficiency and simplicity.

StarSteer offers unprecedent technologies for geosteering, such as while-drilling geological interpretation, combination of forward modeling and stratigraphic based geosteering methods, multiwell/multilog 2D-3D geosteering, interactive image log interpretation, resistivity modeling, mapping, landing and well-planning, petrophysical python scripting, completion design, plug-ins and API to Petrel and any other 3rd party providers, and so much more.

Built by ROGII’s own team of 65+ world class geoscientists, software engineers and mathematicians StarSteer software is modern, fast, stable, interactive, intuitive and user-friendly. Over 250 clients worldwide have been able to significantly reduced cost and at the same time increase efficiency and accuracy of the horizontal drilling and well placement by using StarSteer in their daily operations.

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Cegal is an innovative provider of IT services and Geoscience solutions to the global oil and gas industry.
We are more than 320 employees, of which more than 50 are highly skilled geoscientists.

Cegal delivers centralized IT operations, cloud-based IT systems, software products and solutions for the Petrel® platform, consultancy within IT & operations, G&G and Data Management.
The unique combination of IT and geoscience domain expertise puts us in an excellent position to fill the gap between IT, exploration and production.

Cegal is located in Stavanger, Oslo, London, Aberdeen, Dubai, Houston and Calgary with 120 customers in the oil and gas industry.

What we do?
• Plant:
Secure access to critical IT systems and operation of ICT infrastructure at offshore and onshore installations.
• Geo:
Cloud-based IT systems for advanced geoscience accessibility and applications, and high demanding onshore operations.
• Software Solutions:
Development of high quality customized software solutions.
• Software Products:
Software products for the Petrel platform to extend, improve and speed up workflows within geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering and data management.
• G&G Consulting:
Highly experienced on-site consultants and expert geomodelers for the most challenging of tasks.
• Data Management:
Unique products allowing us to maintain a high level of quality on your data all the way to your application onsite, remotely or in the cloud.

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GeomodL International is a technical oil and gas upstream consultancy firm with an edge for reservoir modelling and carbonate reservoir development with 5 years’ experience mainly in the Middle East and Asia.

GeomodL International is a technical upstream consultancy firm with an edge for reservoir modelling and carbonate reservoir development. GeomodL International’s solutions are designed for ambitious E&P operators wishing to adapt to the new normal and span over three fronts:
1) Subsurface consultancy:
bespoke services including block evaluation and promotion, integrated well delivery, reservoir modelling, Field Review/ Development Plan and ad hoc technical supports.
2) Learning provider:
cutting edge geomodelling centric training programs for a value driven alternative to the current market “push buttons” training offerings and our flagship Northern Emirates Petroleum Geology Field Trip in Ras Al Khaimah.
3) Software development:
with our proprietary and partners software solutions, we are thinking the future of the E&P business and laying down the foundations for a “tomorrow’s” oilfield where new tools are used to enhance technical day to day work.

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O’Meara Consulting, Inc. is an S-Corporation, incorporated in Oklahoma, USA and registered in Texas, USA. It develops and sells patented Geo2Flow software, along with technical training and workshops using clients data.

Geo2Flow is a software that plugs into Petrel to extract the data for analysis and modeling of compartments, saturation and permeability. Geo2Flow is a patented software with U.S. Patent numbers 6,792,354 and 7,054,749.Continued research and development are done on an ongoing basis by Dr. Daniel O’Meara.

Geo2Flow is software that embodies an inherently interdisciplinary methodology, integrating both data and interpretations from petrophysics, reservoir engineering, geology, and geophysics to do the following:

• Use core and log-based saturation data and MDT/RFT pressures to identify reservoir compartments and free water levels.
• Create 3D saturations that are physically reasonable and that honor the saturation logs
• Achieve permeabilities that are consistent with saturation, porosity, and free water levels.
• Initialize flow simulators with 3D properties, saturation tables, free water levels, and fluid properties that are consistent with all existing data and that match the volumetrics of the geological model.
• Assess subsurface uncertainties in key variables affecting compartments, saturations, and permeabilities.

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KCI provides fully engineered bespoke leak sealing solutions for the global oil and gas sector with a focus on ageing oil and gas facilities.

KCI is a global provider of fully engineered leak sealing solutions to re-establish well integrity on both surface and subsea focusing on Wellheads, Christmas Tree Gate Valves, Downhole Packers/Casing Shoes and Well Abandonment Operations, taking a holistic approach by providing in-depth investigation and assessment for every project. KCI deliver exceptional customer service and accountability via a highly skilled and experienced engineering team that includes Wellhead and Well Integrity specialists who are there for the project every step of the way, ensuring our highly respected reputation is maintained. The innovation in KCI’s business comes from employing its engineering expertise to support complex problems which may be difficult to resolve with conventional methods or technologies. KCI only move forward with projects when there is a solid belief in a high chance of success and have been providing Rigless Well Integrity and Intervention Isolations around the world since 2002.

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PetroTrace offers advanced seismic processing and depth imaging services, with focus on CRAM (Common Reflection Angle Migration – the most advanced Kirchhoff-type migration algorithm) and DI (Diffraction Imaging – employed to resolve subtle discontinuities in the subsurface).

PetroTrace is a company founded in 2010 by Geophysicists from the service division of Emerson-Paradigm. Following Emerson-Paradigm’s divestment of the service business sector, the Moscow team, management, and technical experts set up PetroTrace, securing all the technical skills and the expertise in data processing / analysis accrued in the previous 12 Emerson-Paradigm years.

PetroTrace currently holds leading, highly-specialized, positions in the processing and imaging market, thanks to its long-retained expertise, advanced technology (proprietary and commercial), and high-performance computer cluster systems. PetroTrace takes pride in being, globally, one of the most experienced and specialized processing groups, especially for complex geological / seismic challenges.

PetroTrace collaborates with multiple international high-tech partners, and operates processing centres in Moscow, London (Woking), and Cairo.

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NCS Multistage

Since being founded in 2006, NCS Multistage, LLC, has grown to be a leading provider of engineered products and support services for oil and natural gas wells around the world. NCS delivers products and services to exploration and production companies operating throughout North America, the North Sea, United Kingdom, Middle East, Argentina, China, and Russia. There are currently four main business lines: Fracturing Systems, Tracer Diagnostics, Well Construction, and Enhanced Recovery.

NCS Multistage Fracturing Systems is the world leader in coiled-tubing-deployed pinpoint fracturing technology, with more than 10,000 completions and 230,000 frac sleeves installed. A recent record was set with a North American customer, 228 sleeves in one well, completed in a single coiled-tubing trip. Recently NCS introduced the state-of-the-art InnovusTM Select wellbore system, offering unmatched versatility for the life of unconventional wells: completion, production, re-fracturing, and enhanced recovery. Fracturing Systems also includes PurpleSealTM composite frac plugs and associated products, which are manufactured and sold through Repeat Precision, LLC, an NCS Multistage joint venture. PurpleSeal frac plugs are noted for reliable performance and consistently fast drill-out times and have become one of the best-selling frac plugs in the U.S. and are being introduced into Canada.

Tracer Diagnostics is the leading tracer diagnostics service provider in North America with ongoing projects internationally, in South America and the Middle East. NCS provides patented, particulate-deployed water and oil tracers, natural gas tracers, and radioactive tracers/gamma logging services. Common applications for tracers include detecting and diagnosing frac hits, delineating inter-well communication, verifying stage contributions, calculating perforation-cluster efficiency, locating wellbore obstructions, and monitoring waterflood sweep efficiency.

Well Construction is a single-source supplier of casing and liner products: VectrasetTM hydraulic liner hanger, the market-leading AirLock® casing buoyancy system, with over 9,000 installations globally, GoPortTM toe sleeves, including the GoPort SA (Signal Actuated), the only programmable, testable toe sleeve. Associated products include float shoes, float collars, and cement plug landing collars.

Enhanced Recovery focuses on technology solutions for enhanced recovery from tight, unconventional formations. The current offering includes the TerrusTM injection system, a cost-effective, retrofit waterflood injection system that uses stage segmentation and passive flow control to manage injection rates along the wellbore. NCS is also developing QumulusTM technology, which incorporates retrofit injectors combined with onboard pressure and temperature gauges combined with cloud-based artificial intelligence to actively manage reservoirs in real time, automatically optimizing sweep efficiency to achieve maximum ultimate recovery. NCS also has research and development projects evaluating other novel flood applications.

Reservoir Strategies :

  • Reservoir engineers, geoscientists, and hydraulic-fracturing specialists help you improve the performance and profitability of your unconventional assets.
  • Broad international basin experience, specializing in the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus, and Montney plays.
  • Identify and understand key performance drivers in your play
  • Quantify and benchmark completion effectiveness
  • Determine optimum stage spacing and treatment size
  • Optimize recovery and profitability on DSU or block basis

Tracer Diagnostics

Full-service oilfield tracing, with a large portfolio of chemical tracers for oil, formation water, frac fluids, and natural gas

  • Detect and diagnose well communication to optimize well spacing
  • Verify stage contributions
  • Locate wellbore obstructions
  • Monitor waterflood efficiency

Well Construction

Single source for production string components

  • Industry-leading AirLock casing buoyancy system : 7,100+ installations, 99%+ success rate. Leaves an unrestricted wellbore.
  • Vectraset™ liner hanger with premium features that ensure trouble-free installation and long-term reliability. Seal rated to 15,000 psi at 350° F.
  • GoPortTM programmable, testable toe sleeve provides unprecedented casing and formation-injection test options.
  • Float collars, float valves, plug-landing collars, wiper plugs, and more.

Fracturing Systems

  • World leader in coiled-tubing pinpoint fracturing, with more than 10,000 wells and 279,000 stages completed
  • Predictable, verifiable, and repeatable frac placement for controlled, optimizable completions
  • Valuable tool for evaluating and designing infill development strategies
  • Record 228 sleeves in one well, completed in a single coiled-tubing trip

PurpleSealTM Frac Plugs

Manufactured by Repeat Precision, LLC, an NCS Multistage joint venture

  • Premium performance at a great price
  • Ultra-reliable seal rated to 10,000 psi
  • Drill-out as fast as 6 minutes
  • Exclusive PurpleSeal ExpressTM system : single-use, disposable setting tool preassembled with PurpleSeal frac plugs to eliminate wellsite redressing errors that cause pre-sets, soft-sets and short-strokes
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